Tips should not stress the player

This is the absolute point of NISHIKI tips. We thoroughly analyzed the voices of the players and sought out what was really needed. And this tip has been created. NISHIKI tips fit all cues, situations, games, players and make your games even more exciting.

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What is really required to a billiard tip

Do not change over a long term

Billiards is a game in which we have to deal with ever-changing conditions. Even though the state of the table changes from moment to moment, if the condition of tools changes in addition to the condition of the table, player's worries will only increase. Change must be as less as possible between the time it is put on and the time it finishes its role.

Realize player's "feelings“

The feelings of the player which will be transmitted to the cue ball through the bat, shaft, and tip. The tip, which is the only part that touches the cue ball, should not be a hindrance of its transmission. A good tip is a tip that can accurately transmit player's feelings.

Comfortableness, close to the player’s feeling

Many players judge the success or failure of a shot based on its feel and sound. Therefore, no matter how good tip’s performance is, the feel and sound should not be uncomfortable for the player. The more the tip does not interfere the feel and sound of the cue, the sharper the player's feeling will be.

NISHIKI tip’s 5 features

NISHIKI Tip has focused on five points in order to realize every player’s wish.

Easy maintenance

Tip that does not swell easily

The lower the fiber density of the leather, the easier it is for the sides of the tip to bulge. By carefully selecting the parts with high fiber density and carefully tanning them by craftsmen, NISHIKI tip sides are less likely to swell. Therefore, daily maintenance will be easier.

Avoid the risk of miscue

Reduce miscue by 6 layers

One of the causes of miscue is that the adhesive that attaches the leather are exposed on the surface come into contact with the cueball. Due to it’s structure, the larger the number of layers, the more the adhesive surface is exposed, the risk of miscue increases. Therefore, in order to reduce the exposure of the adhesive, we used only 6 layers.

Good rotational(spin) force

Thick pig leather with elasticity and resilience

Compared to many layer tips, each piece of leather is designed thicker. Therefor, the tap has moderate elasticity and repulsion. Due to this, the grip power has increased, and the amount of spin given to the cueball has been improved.

Durable and good sound

High durability and clear hitting feel

Originally developed adhesive is used for leather-to-leather bonding, which is a key point in the manufacture of layer tips. Therefore, it is highly durable and has a good hitting feel.

Give a sense of security

Stable quality that can be used with confidence

No matter how high the processing technology is, the quality of tips cannot be maintained at a high level if there are variations in the materials. NISHIKI tip focused on managing everything from material selection to tanning and production. As a result, we obtained a stable performance and quality.

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Choose from 5 types

Five types of NISHIKI tips are available. Can be selected according to the nature of the shaft and bat, player’s playing style and taste.

DURO 87.4

The supple feel and good ball holding convey the player's feeling to the cueball in a just proportion. Since it has a good gripping feel and less deflection, it’s possible to shot the edge of the cueball. If you feel that the spin of the cueball is not enough, we recommend you to make the top of the tip more rounder.

DURO 89.4

The soft and elastic S is often selected from players who want to control follow shot or to balance with a hard shaft such as carbon. In addition, the soft tip has a wide range of english (sidespin), less likely to cause miscue, so it is recommended for players who are worried about they stroke’s stability.

DURO 92.8

M with excellent total balance can be used regardless of play style and level. M is recommended for those who have not yet decided which kind of soft/hardness tip they like.

DURO 95.3

H, which is hard but elastic and has high straightness, has a severe tolerance for the english (sidespin), but is often selected by players who want to control draw shots and players who want to give much more english (spin) more on the cueball. In addition, H is especially favored by carom billiard players because it has a good spin rate.

DURO 97.2

The high repulsive force improves the propulsive force of the cueball and enables more powerful shots. It has a good grip to the cueball, and you can feel the moment of the impact more clearly. Recommended for players who are feeling lack of power/cue speed.

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NISHIKI quality that players believe

Tamami Okuda

9ball Asian Championship Junior Women’s Doubles Winner

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)
Results9ball Asian Championship / Junior Women's Doubles Championship winner, Junior World Championship / U-19 Silver Medal, National Amateur Billiards Prefectural Championships winner, etc.
SponsorKeith Andy

I got good feelings with NISHIKI tip from the moment it was put it on. I like its hitting feeling, the way its grip the ball, and no matter how fast you shoot, it spins well. There is no bulge on the side, and even if you keep stroking, you will not feel much change in the state of the tip. The other tips I've used so far had dull feelings when it was just put it on, and I thought, "If I tighten it from now on, it will be better." But, NISHIKI feels good from the beginning, so I think adjusting tip’s condition for the match will be less stressful than before.

If you are a professional player thinking about using NISHIKI tip, please contact us from "Inquiries" below.

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