Cue tips must not give stress to players

This is our first priority to make cue tips. We have soundly analyzed a lot of players feel of it. NISHIKI Tips provides fitness to all of cues, game, situation and players, and also make you enjoy playing cue sports.

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What is the most important things for cue tips?

Keeping always in good condition

Cue sports players use their brain to table condition, humidity, temperature and so on. This is the reason why cue tips must not change the quality by them.

Realizing the player’s wish in a game

Because the cue tip is the only part that touches the cue ball, it shouldn’t be the noise to shot. NISHIKI Tips integrated with all of shafts and butts.

Comfortable shot feel

The shot sound and feeling in their hand are also important factors. Cue tips should give players those good feeling as well as tip performance.

5 features of NISHIKI Tips

NISHIKI PREMIUM TIP has developed with 5 advantages for you.

Easy to maintain

Keep the shape on the side

The more you shot, the more expanded a ordinary cue tip on the side become. It is caused by the lower fiber density in leather. Our tip’s leather is special Japanese pig skin with the high density.

Prevent a miscue

Lower possibility of a miscue with 6-Layer Design

One of the reason of a miscue is that glue between leathers is exposured, and it contacts the cue ball. It means that many numbers of laminated leather cause a miscue. Our tips is just 6-Layer Design, it is not many.

English easily

Thick Japanese pig skin with high level rebounding performance

The leather per layer in our tips is thick compared to the other ordinary layer design tips. That causes good grip and rebounding performance, and you can make the cue ball spin easily.

Durable and Good sound

High strength and Clear sound on shot

NISHIKI PREMIUM TIPS give you a good sound on shot and high strength since we developed special tip glue, and use it when our tips are laminated.

Lead to confidence

Stable and High Quality

NISHIKI PREMIUM TIPS is kept on constant quality because we have correctly managed its materials, leather tanning and production process.

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NISHIKI tip is an excellent choice to fit your cue and play.

DURO 87.4

Stay on the cue ball as best at impact

Control easily through player's shot feel due to the long contact time.

DURO 89.4

Make spin to the cue ball as much

Increase rotation speed by right rebounding performance.

DURO 92.8

Low deflection and Stable shot

Create less cue ball deflection when making side spin shot.

DURO 95.3

High power and Move the cue ball to a long distance

Make spin easily with right grip performance.

DURO 97.2

Recommended not only for Pool but also Carom

Feel strong sound and power through the hardest tips.

NISHIKI Brown Tips

For all of you using carbon fiber shafts
『NISHIKI Brown Tips』

DURO 88.7
DURO 91.7
DURO 93.4

3 special features

  1. Improved visibility of shaft edge with “Light Brown Color”
  2. Easier control to spin the cue ball with “High Level Rebounding Performance”
  3. Comfortable sound and feel in hand on shot with “Right Grip Performance”

Who is Nishiki Brown Tip highly recommended for?

  • Players who want to improve visibility of distance from the shaft edge to the cue ball with a carbon fiber shafts
  • Players who want to control the cue ball easily with high power shafts
  • Player who is looking for the best tip for soft english or soft stun shots

『NISHIKI 3-Cushion』

DURO 96.1
DURO 94.9
DURO 92.8

basic data

MaterialPig leather
Structure KANADE 11 layer

4 reasons to choose NISHIKI 3-Cushion

  1. Minimize power loss
  2. Harmony of elasticity and impact resilience
  3. Comfortable shot sound
  4. Sustainable shape retention

The reason for KANADE of 11-layer design

  • When being in a production process of a tip, it lose a thickness due to pressing leather. KANADE has 11-layer design which is the higher number of layer than other standard products.
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To provide you a high quality tip

NISHIKI tips are kept in the paulownia box.

NISHIKI tips are kept in the paulownia box.
A paulownia tree sucks up water in the air when high humidity. On the other hand, it much transpires when a dry season. It keep a fixed humidity in a box because of this characteristic.
This storage method can keep high condition continuingly after completing a tip. NISHIKI brand would like to always provide you tips with consistency.

NISHIKI gloves

『NISHIKI Gloves』

NISHIKI Gloves are designed with the concept of comfortable fit, high durability, and simple design.


  1. The use of high-quality spandex material provides excellent stretch, reduces wrinkles, and allows for smooth strokes.
  2. The mesh material on the palm side of the glove prevents sweat and allows for comfortable play even during extended periods.
  3. The part that comes in contact with the cue is made of leather material, which prevents unnecessary slipping and enables a stable bridge.
  4. The wrist area uses high-quality stitching and a durable Velcro strap.


ColorsBlack, Navy
FitLeft-hand bridge (for right-handed players), Right-hand bridge (for left-handed players)
Sizes Mini, S, M, L
※Mini is equivalent to XS size.
Nishiki gloves photo

Comment by Kiyoshi Suzuki

Kiyoshi Suzuki

I like the simple, timeless design of both the navy and black gloves. They feel comfortable and stretch in any direction, making them easy to wear. I also appreciate the breathability, which prevents sweating even after extended use. The best part is how long they last. I hit balls every day, and with other gloves, I would often get holes in the index finger area after just a few weeks. However, the NISHIKI gloves lasted for two months. The high durability is a great feature.

NISHIKI quality that players believe

Tamami Okuda

9ball Asian Championship Junior Women’s Doubles Winner

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)
Results9ball Asian Championship / Junior Women's Doubles Championship winner, Junior World Championship / U-19 Silver Medal, National Amateur Billiards Prefectural Championships winner, etc.
SponsorKeith Andy

I got good feelings with NISHIKI tip from the moment it was put it on. I like its hitting feeling, the way its grip the ball, and no matter how fast you shoot, it spins well. There is no bulge on the side, and even if you keep stroking, you will not feel much change in the state of the tip. The other tips I've used so far had dull feelings when it was just put it on, and I thought, "If I tighten it from now on, it will be better." But, NISHIKI feels good from the beginning, so I think adjusting tip’s condition for the match will be less stressful than before.

Yuma Tanaka's photo

Yuma Tanaka

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)

As for good characteristics of NISHIKI tip, it is easy to control a draw shot. Also, it can nicely be aimed to hit the cue ball due to low-deflection ability of the tip. I could feel good harmony of elasticity and impact resilience when shot. So I can play without fear of miss cue. The tip color “Black” is also a nice choice because of its color contrast between a tip and a cue ball.

Chie Aoki's photo

Chie Aoki

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)

Its feeling on my hand is very good, and there is no slippage on the tip surface. I feel that cue ball control is easier than ever because of the moderate repulsion. I will continue to do my best so that many players will know about the advantages of NISHIKI tip.

Kozue Nakamura's photo

Kozue Nakamura

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)

NISHIKI Brown Tip makes the comfortable bouncy feeling on my hand when shooting. NISHIKI Premium Tip makes the feeling that the shot power transfers not only the cue ball but also the object ball accurately. I think both of the tips have low deflection, and the tip shape doesn't change much even after long-time use. It makes me confident so that NISHIKI tips are made for many players needs. If you find the reliable tip, it leads your level to the next.

Kazuto Kawatsure's photo

Kazuto Kawatsure

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)
SponsorHOW Cue

NISHIKI tip can provide both high repulsion and spin control with ease. It also can be smooth to apply a billiard chalk. I think that a tip maintenance is so easy that a tip shape on the side is not expanded quickly, and also individual differences of NISHIKI tip is very little. Not only good compatibility between a tip and a cue, a tip that match your own playing style and stroke can make cue sports more fun for you. So please enjoy finding a tip from the extensive line up.

Kiyoshi Suzuki's photo

Kiyoshi Suzuki

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)

The elasticity of NISHIKI tip is that I have never felt before. It is not such a high frictional cue tip, but I really like its balance. I think that it is easier to play on a slow cloth and in the high humidity. Also, I realize the power to make spin control when shooting. NISHIKI tip can be fit for various cues since there are several types of it in different hardness.

Ryouji Aoki's photo

Ryouji Aoki

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)

I play pool with not only a wood shaft but also a carbon shaft. As for the wood shaft, I use NISHIKI Premium tip "H". NISHIKI tip is reliable to use and play so that it is easy to make spin control, and it has confortable feeling on my hand when shooting. It also can be smooth to apply a billiard chalk. As for the carbon shaft, in my opinion, NISHIKI premium tip "XH" is good to play pool. If you haven't found a favourite tip for your carbon shaft, I recommend you to use "XH" at first. As for carom cues, I think that it is better to play with NISHIKI KANADE tip since the feeling when the tip hit the cue ball is as comfortable as I decided to use it in carom at my first time.

Ririka Wakae's photo

Ririka Wakae

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)

NISHIKI tips have excellent chalk adherence and are easy to put spin on. What I like the most is that you can use them without any discomfort as soon as you apply them. While I've often noticed individual differences with other tips, even when they were the same type, I've rarely experienced such variations with NISHIKI tips. This is greatly appreciated as I can continue using my preferred ones. With a wide variety available and affordable pricing, I highly recommend giving them a try.

Kouichi Watabe's photo

Kouichi Watabe

AffiliationJapan Professional Billiard Association (JPBA)

I've tried various tips, but none of them matched my image. When I tried the NISHIKI Black M, everything from speed, spin amount, and feel was just right and perfectly matched my image. It doesn't become overly spinny, and it feels really balanced. Moreover, it's easy to purchase at a reasonable price among layered tips, so I think that's another advantage of NISHIKI tips. With a wide range of options, I believe you can find tips that suit your preferences.

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